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Keith Gilmore Prize for Beef Cattle Innovation

Purpose: Support excellence and leadership for applicants in advanced studies leading to a career in the beef industry. Areas of study are broadly defined but include areas such as animal science, range management, forage and feeding, genetics, communications and business.

Download Scholarship Application.    You will need Adobe Reader to view.

Download Scholarship Application.

You will need Adobe Reader to view.

Award amount: $10,000

Number awarded per year: up to 2 per year

Eligibility: applicants must be entered in senior undergraduate (entering the final year), veterinary, or post-graduate studies. A person may only receive this scholarship once.

Application Process: application materials include:

1) Post-Secondary transcripts,

2) Standardized resume outlining extracurricular activities,

3) Three letters of recommendation from individuals not related to the applicant,

4) Written statement of 1500 words or less outlining career goals,

5) Demonstration of registration in an education program related to the livestock industry.

Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Keith Gilmore Foundation Trustees.
Criteria include demonstration of 1) academic achievement, 2) volunteer activities, 3) demonstration of leadership within livestock industry.


  1. Closing date for applications is June 1st
  2. Copies of grades and references to be included with application and winner must have grades confirmed by their university or college
  3. Selection is based on academic merit, contribution to school and/or community, an indication of career objectives and involvement and accomplishments in youth program
  4. All questions must be answered or marked "not applicable" (please print or type)
  5. Only successful applicants will be advised prior to September 1
  6. A career in the field of agriculture includes veterinary medicine
  7. Students may apply more than once, however students are limited to one scholarship per category.
  8. Completed applications should be mailed or submitted as a single pdf file and postmarked or e-mailed no later than June 1st (Faxes are not accepted)


Applicants must be a Canadian citizen.
For each of categories, the applicant must have completed a minimum of one year of college or university education and must be enrolled in the fall semester for another year of studies in a recognized college or university

Students may apply more than once, however students are limited to one scholarship per category. 

Students may apply for a University or College outside of Canada.


Application forms are available from the Web site(see top right hand corner) or by writing to:

The Keith Gilmore Foundation
5160 Skyline Way NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 6V1
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